• about us

    India has always fascinated us. We are Dorothee (Yoga teacher and masseuse) and Christian (independent journalist and film maker) and are the founders of this charity.

    Our hometown is Munich, but when we have the time to travel, our favourite destination is India.

    A country that thrives by its contradictions (extremes). While these are a part of what makes the journeys so exciting, they also lay the foundations for a more critical point of view.

    christian and doro

    On the one hand India is experiencing an enormous ascent in terms of technological progress and its well educated young employees, on the other hand there is still the rigid caste system, especially in the rural communities, which stifles the economic possibilities of its people.

    Therefore the poor remain poor and so do their children, because of the absence of proper schools.
    But there are people who want to help to end this vicious circle.

    In 2008 we made a journey to the north of India. One of our destinations was Rishikesh, where we stayed at a local Ashram. At breakfast we made the acquaintance of a young and lively Indian, who told us about their school project. Her name is Alankrita and back then she already voluntarily taught 50 children of needy families in her garden. She founded Indian Renaissance, an organisation to gain some assistance for her educational project. With the help of the organisation she wanted to raise awareness for the educational situation of indian children and women and contribute to enhance the equality of opportunities for them.
    Alankrita and her enthusiasm deeply impressed us. Therefore back in Germany we discussed how we could support her in providing a better future to the children of Rishikesh. After a while we came to the conclusion that founding a charity would be the best solution to support individual projects of Indian Renaissance. After many visits to the local authorities and a lot of red tape we finally founded in spring of 2013 with the extra benefit of our friend Christina Betz our charity BIKI e.V.(Bildung International-Kinderhilfe Indien e.V.)(= education international childrensupport India association)

    Now we hope that Alankrita’s enthusiasm and commitment did not just encourage us, but will find many supporters in Germany, too.