Project Pankh

Phank-Wings of Progress- grammar school for creative learning, training school, Jobcenter

With the creative school Pankh we try to provide children from the poorest and most needy families coming from 22 villages in Uttarakhand with a good school and professional education.
Phank is a grammar school and training school, which teaches in English. It provides a unique method of learning and thereby enables its pupils to become self employed.
From year one they acquire skills to start up their own business, rather than becoming a low wage employee.

It’s a simple motto: Be your own boss!

The focus of the classes is the learning of foreign languages, communication skills, sports, Yoga, fine arts, computer skills. Meanwhile the pupils are being supported in finding a suitable career.

At school, there are no school bags and there is no homework. Also the children don’t have to pay tuition fees. Grades are determined by the achievement of the class or individual groups. At the end of the year there will be an assessment based on participation within the class. Hereby we make sure that no pupil falls behind and has to repeat a year. Instead more time is being invested in order to train individual skills and talents. Books and other learning materials are provided by the school free of charge.

The training school has partnered with a programme, that conveys skills and abilities to earn a living. The pupils have the opportunity to form entities within the village and to translate what they have learned into those social entities. Furthermore the school provides health checks for free.

Of course we take care, that only underprivileged children are being admitted to our school. Most families have a household income of around 30 to 80 Euros per month.  On this usually five family members have to survive.

Since spring 2013 80 children attend the creative school already and we would like to add another 100. Amongst others, Phank offers a livelihood plan for underprivileged craftspeople from 22 villages in Rishikesh and offers job training for over 100 students.

A special focus is on the further education of women. They can regularly attend workshops to learn sewing. The handmade products such as bags, hats, jackets will be sold at the local markets and their families receive the money directly.

We hope that we can find many donators for our project. Our goal its to help many more children in the north of India to attend school

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